Easy use coco peat disc??

  • Discs are compressed coir pith made, especially for use in pots. Different sizes of discs are available to suit various pot sizes. Discs are also made with a hole in the middle to facilitate easy planting. Fertilized discs are made as per customer requirements. Disks are made from the coarser particles of coir (>1mm) which gives much better substrate for plant growth.
  • The nursery seedlings grown on this disc medium can be easily uprooted and transplanted without damaging the root zone i.e. transplantation shock is minimized or avoided.
  • The coco peat discs are completely biodegradable and natural. This helps to keep the girth of plants and trees without weeds while preserving the humidity at the foot of the plants which does not obstruct their growth. Also these discs are ideal for seed rising to fully grown plants due to its air filled porosity and the ability in holding water resulting in bigger and more colorful flowers and leaves.


  • Coco Peat Discs are specially done for the plant nursery industry. The size of the disc is decided based on the sizes of the containers in the nursery.
  • Cocopeat Discs have been specially designed to provide the best start for your young gerbera plants.. Cocopeat/Coir Pith has a unique ability to withstand high compaction force without leaving its beneficial structure. Hydrate the blocks slowly by using 25 liters of water and allow the moisture to be fully absorbed. Once the block is completely reconstituted to get the yield 70 – 75 liters. Now you are ready to use it to improve your potting soils or use as a 100% soil less growing medium. A perfect growing media for flower and vegetables cultivation as well for soil conditioning.