we process the raw coconut husks collected from graded coconut plantations around the area, to extract coir fibre and the spongy material that binds the coconut fibre in the husk, the coir / coco pith cocopeat, the main constituent for Coco / Coir Growing Medium.

We manufacture coco peat and coco chips based substrates for the professional growers across the globe. Not just manufacturing, we actually grow on them. We test our substrates in our own green house to make sure that they are perfect for the crops to root in and flourish.


Saanvi Manufacturing Process :-
1. Coco Pith Procurement
2. Washing / Aging
3. Screening / Sieving
4. Drying
5. Final Screening
6. Compression
7. Packaging / Labelling
8. Palletizing
9. Shipping


We are strictly follow the for organising and managing our inventory at our warehouse and offices.

Sort out the workplace and identify necessary and unnecessary items and products putting, Products Order Sequencing, Poducts Organizing and arranging.


There are three different qualities in Cocopeat viz Unwashed, Washed and Buffered.

Unwashed Cocopeat is the natural raw form of the product which has high fiber content, high salt content, and high EC level.

Washed Cocopeat is obtained by treating the Unwashed Cocopeat with pure water over a period of time. This process results in lowering of salt and EC level. Washed Cocopeat is ideal to be used in soilless gardening.


saanvi cocopeat drying yard are used to reduce the moisture content of the peat before the screening and compression process.

Raw Cocopeat are stored in bunkers and sometimes in open yards as soon as they are extracted from fiber factory and allowed.


RO technology based on membranes that is used in the water treatment industry. It is the most preferred technology that is capable of removing almost all dissolved salts and ions from water. This technology is also capable of removing all naturally occurring pesticides, viruses, bacteria and cysts. When it is put to use in series with other multiple units, can be used for recycling and reusing water.

RO water system is the most popular method of purifying water. People prefer this method of purification than other methods. RO plant is highly used in the food and beverage industry where water treatment is absolutely essential for quality and consistency. The application of the RO water plant is economical to recycle contaminated water and make it usable for food and beverage production.


Our company packing in order for the product to reach the end consumer in a very safe state, we provide a whole array of packing options.

Saanvi provides four sides of corner sheets, shrink wrapped with stretch film, and double strapped to ensure the material free from any damage. Our Pallet sizes are designed in such a way to utilize the maximum space inside the main-container and load the permissible weight.


Our Logistics facilities are identified as specific buildings, warehouses, which host all activities linked to logistics and freight transportation.

Our Logistics is a part of the work process of the procurement management and supply chain management that includes the logistics planning, implementation, and control of the produced or procured items effectively and efficiently.


Our company key characteristic of research team is that it comprises a group of people working together in a committed way towards a common research goal.

Our Development operates self organized to deliver the product. The implementation team decides based on their own responsibility, how to implement.