we process the raw coconut husks collected from graded coconut plantations around the area, to extract coir fibre and the spongy material that binds the coconut fibre in the husk, the coir / coco pith cocopeat, the main constituent for Coco / Coir Growing Medium.

We manufacture coco peat and coco chips based substrates for the professional growers across the globe. Not just manufacturing, we actually grow on them. We test our substrates in our own green house to make sure that they are perfect for the crops to root in and flourish.


Our goods once they reach the warehouse are checked for quality standards and then are packed according to the customer needs.

After packing is done from here it will be sent to the port for loading in containers.


There are three different qualities in Coco peat.

1. Unwashed – Unwashed coco peat is the natural raw form of the product which has high EC and Fiber.

2. Washed Coco peat – Washed Coco peat is the peat which is washed with low EC water to attain low EC in Coco peat. By the time EC is lowered the peat gets aged too. So it is very good for root growth in plants.

3. Buffered Coco peat – For Buffered Coco peat the peat it washed with chemicals to reduce the sodium & Potassium levels. It’s used mostly in Hydroponics and Seed Germination.


saanvi cocopeat drying yard are used to reduce the moisture content of the peat before the screening and compression process.

Raw Cocopeat are stored in bunkers and sometimes in open yards as soon as they are extracted from fiber factory and allowed.


We have RO Plants in our units to desalinate the water used for washing the coco peat so that EC is reduced easily.


For certain an orders packing is done in the factory itself and is loaded in containers directly from there to port. Other loads will be packed in the warehouse according to the customer needs. Some loads will be stretch wrapped and some loads will be covered with black covers so that it can be stored outdoor for a longer period.


Our Logistics facilities are identified as specific buildings, warehouses, which host all activities linked to logistics and freight transportation.

Our Logistics is a part of the work process of the procurement management and supply chain management that includes the logistics planning, implementation, and control of the produced or procured items effectively and efficiently.


Our company key characteristic of research team is that it comprises a group of people working together in a committed way towards a common research goal.

Our Development operates self organized to deliver the product. The implementation team decides based on their own responsibility, how to implement.