We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Coco peat and Coco peat blocks. We supply 5kg blocks. We are one of the prime Coconut Coir Pith manufacturers and exporters in India.The aerated structure of Coir Peat enables usage in farming. The product finds application in farming is due to its water absorbent property, and it is an excellent soil conditioner.

Cocopeat Blocks

Cocopeat blocks are considered an ideal growing medium. The cocopeat powder thus obtained is sieved, washed, dried and finally compressed into blocks.

The blocks can be used for a wide range of planting requirements. Coir is known for its natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties.

We also ensure secure packaging of the cocopeat blocks.

The blocks are stretch wrapped and strapped. We also customise the packing on client request.

Cocopeat- Garden

Cocopeat is an excellent growing medium for home & lawn garden plants. It is widely used with potted plants & also it is one of the best media for seed germination. It improves aeration in the soil for optimal root growth while maintaining the ideal nutrient availability for plants.
Coco peat will do an excellent job of keeping your plants healthy, due to its anti-fungal properties.

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Production Process

At Saanvi, the Coco Peat Manufacturing is an nine stage process with strict quality checking before they are shipped to our customers.

  • Coco Pith Procurement
  • Washing / Aging
  • Screening / Sieving
  • Drying
  • Final Screening
  • Compression
  • Packaging / Labelling
  • Palletizing
  • Shipping

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