Washed Cocopeat is obtained by treating the Unwashed Cocopeat with pure water over a period of time. This process results in lowering of salt and EC level. Washed Cocopeat Bricks is ideal to be used in soilless gardening. This product comes in a 600gm pack that is made to absorb water and gain its volume and become perfect for the growth of plants.


   Cocopeat is washed with clean and natural water to lower the EC levels which is an important factor for root and plant growth.

   Washed Cocopeat is ideal to be used in soilless gardening

   washed cocopeat excellent water holding capacity and are used to enhance the aeration.

   Cocopeat washed brick is a product that is a substitute for the ordinary soil for the purpose of gardening and horticulture.

   Cocopeat washed bricks used for Mushroom Growing

Product Name Bricks Washed
Electric Conductivity < 0.5 mS/cm (Dutch 1:1.5 method)
pH 5.5 ~ 6.5
Weight 650g ( +/- 5% )
Size / Dimension 20*10*4 ~ 5cms
Aging Period 6 months
Sieve Mesh Size 6mm and 0.5mm
Moisture Less than 15%
Sand percentage less than 2 %
Fiber percentage less than 6%
Expansion Volume Minimum 15 litres/kg
Packing and Loading Details
Type Description
Container Size 40 ft high cube
Bulk Loading 40000 Piece per container
Pallet Loading 39000 Bricks percontainer /20 pallets
Pieces / Perpallet 1950 Bricks
Card Board 12 Pieces of printed cardboard corners
Straps 12→ 8↑ White printed strappings
Straping Whiteprintedstrappings
Stretchfilm 4Layers transparent plastic
Cover Black rigid plastic
Pallet Label ProductTechnical Sheet