Brown fibre is obtained by harvesting fully mature coconuts when the nutritious layer. The Brown fibrous husks are soaked in pits or in nets in a slow moving body of water to swell and soften the fibres. The long bristle fibres are separated from the shorter mattress fibres underneath the skin of the nut, a process known as wet-milling.


    The Brown fibre is allowed to retain more moisture.

    Retains its elasticity for ‘twisted’ fibre production.

    The coir fibre is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved.

    Brown coir is used in brushes, doormats, mattresses and sacking. A small amount is also made into twine.

    The mattress fibres are sifted to remove dirt and other rubbish, dried and packed into bales.

Product Name Coir Brown
Color Golden yellow / Brown Coir fibre
Quality Premium Grade
Fibre Length 5 ~ 25 cms
Moisture < 18 %
Impurities < 3%
Weight Appx 105 ~ 120 kg
Dust content < 3%
Sand percentage less than 2 %
Fiber percentage 98% No Husk, Small or Big pith
Bale Size 48 x 30 x 18 "
Packing and Loading Details
Type Description
Container Size 40 ft high cube
Bulk Loading Appx 198 Bales
Pallet Loading 140 Bales per container /20 pallets
Pieces / Per Pallet 140 Bales
Card Board 12 Pieces of printed cardboard corners
Straps 12→ 8↑ White printed strappings
Straping White printed strappings
Stretch Film 4 Layers Transparent Plastic
Cover Black Rigid Plastic
Pallet Label Product Technical Sheet