The major use of white coir is in rope manufacture. Mats of woven coir fibre are made from the finer grades of bristle and white fibre using hand or mechanical looms.


    White coir spun into yarn is used in the manufacture of rope and, thanks to its strong resistance to salt water, in fishing nets.

    White Coir Fibre is recommended as substitute for milled peat moss because it is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

    White coir, harvested from unripe coconuts, is used for making finer brushes, string, rope and fishing nets.

    White coir fibers are typically used for rope because of its strength and flexibility.

    White coir fiber also has a strong resistance to salt water.

Product Name White Fibre
Color White Coir fibre
Quality Premium Grade
Fibre Length 5 ~ 25 cms
Moisture < 18 %
Impurities < 3%
Weight Appx 105 ~ 120 kg
Dust content < 3%
Sand percentage less than 2 %
Fiber percentage 98% No Husk, Small or Big pith
Bale Size 48 x 30 x 18 "
Packing and Loading Details
Type Description
Container Size 40 ft high cube
Bulk Loading Appx 198 Bales
Pallet Loading 140 Bales per container / 20 pallets
Pieces / Per Pallet 140 Bales
Card Board 12 Pieces of printed cardboard corners
Straps 12→ 8↑ White printed strappings
Straping White printed strappings
Stretchfilm 4 Layers transparent plastic
Cover Black rigid plastic
Pallet Label Product Technical Sheet