Coco poles are made by wrapping coir fibre sheets around pvc pipes or wood sticks. The plant poles are used for growing small climbers and as support for plant.


    100% environmental friendly and Bio degradable.

    Coco poles are used for growing small climbers and as support for small flowering plants.

    The high moisture retention capacity of the stick enables the roots of the plant to grip natural organic mattress of coir fibre.

    Poles are extensively used in nurseries, horticulture & greenhouse farming and indoor and outdoor horticulture décor.

    100% natural organic product.

Coco Poles Height Thikness
24" Plastic Poles 60cm 2cm
36" Plastic Poles 90cm 2cm
48" Plastic Poles 120cm 2cm
60" Plastic Poles 150cm 2cm
24" Wooden Poles 60cm 2cm
36" Wooden Poles 90cm 2cm
48" Wooden Poles 120cm 2cm
60" Wooden Poles 150cm 2cm
Packing and Loading Details
Type Description
Container Size 40 ft high cube
Bulk Loading 50000 to 500000(Approx) Piece per container
Pallet Loading 40000 to 400000(Approx) pieces
Pieces / Perpallet 2000 to 20000(Approx) pieces
Card Board 12 Pieces of printed cardboard corners
Straps 12→ 8↑ White printed strappings
Straping White printed strappings
Stretchfilm 4 Layers transparent plastic
Cover Black rigid plastic
Pallet Label ProductTechnical Sheet