Buffered Cocopeat is obtained by further treating the washed Cocopeat to reduce the Potassium and Sodium Chloride levels, and increase the Nitrogen level.


    It is made up of high-quality dry coconut husk and has high water holding capacity.

    Buffered cocopeat used for propagation plugs & seed starting.

    It will improve moisture retention capabilities of soil and increase aeration.

    If you are into soil-based gardening, you can mix Buffered Cocopeat into the soil and use it as a soil conditioner.

    Buffered Cocopeat is the ideal choice to be used for seed germination and in Hydroponics.

Product Name Treated Cocopeat
Electric Conductivity < 0.5 mS/cm (Dutch 1:1.5 method)
pH 5.5 ~ 6.5
Weight 5kg ( +/- 5% )
Size / Dimension 30*30*12 ~ 15cms
Aging Period 6 months
Sieve Mesh Size 12mm and 0.5mm
Sodium ppm Less-than 2
Potassium ppm Less-than 1
Moisure/ Sand/ Fiber % Less-than15% / Less-than 2% / Less-than 8%
Expansion Volume Minimum 15 litres/kg
Packing and Loading Details
Type Description
Container Size 40 ft high cube
Bulk Loading 5000 Piece per container
Pallet Loading 4800 Blocks percontainer /20 pallets
Pieces / Perpallet 240 Blocks
Card Board 12 Pieces of printed cardboard corners
Straps 12→ 8↑ White printed strappings
Straping White printed strappings
Stretchfilm 4 Layers transparent plastic
Cover Black rigid plastic
Pallet Label ProductTechnical Sheet