Buffered Cocopeat Sale In Chennai

Saanvi Products is delighted to offer the finest quality of buffered cocopeat for sale in Chennai. Buffered cocopeat, also known as washed cocopeat, is a premium substrate that has undergone a meticulous washing and buffering process to ensure optimal plant growth.


Choose Saanvi Products for your buffered cocopeat needs in Chennai. Experience the difference in plant health and growth with our premium quality cocopeat. Contact us today to place your order and unlock the full potential of your plants.

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Production Process

During the buffering process, coco coir cation exchange complex is saturated with a solution of calcium nitrate for an extended period. The absorbed calcium displaces the residual potassium and sodium in the complex, which is washed away. According to Dutch RHP certification standards for coco substrates, buffered coco coir should contain less than 1 mmol sodium and less than 2 mmol potassium. The buffering process also reduces problems with nitrogen draw-down that would occur in non-buffered coco peat.

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