A fantastic plant growth medium! Coco 50 liter bag loose form is a 100% organic substrate manufactured by us. During the production process, the quality is constantly monitored, offering you a high-quality product with a fine, uniform structure.

50 Litre Bag

Coco 50 liter bag medium is a pure product with a homogeneous structure and it is buffered to prevent that the medium consumes the nutrients; instead the nutrients are directly available to the plant. It is free from harmful viruses and soil diseases. Has complex water or air balance that provides the ideal conditions for growing plants. It can be re-used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix.

Buffered 50 Litre Bag

Saple 50 L Bag is a premium Coco peat material buffered out of Calcium Nitrate. It is extremely low in potassium and 100% natural medium with very low Electric Conductivity (EC) Level. Our product allows high water absorption and maintains the essential air ratio for faster growth and stronger root structure allowing hazard-free growing under a range of various conditions. Saple 50L Bag includes 100% treated material therefore fight against harmful fungus and insects is not a problem anymore.


Coco Peat 25Kg bales are used in many applications in growing industry which is made out of coco peat. 25kg bales consist of lesser compressed & easy to loosen up Coco material which can be used for multiple applications depending on the growing requirement.

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Production Process

Cocopeat 50 litre bag high water retention capacity and slow releasing nutrients ensure the continuous growth of the plants while creating strong rooting system.

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