The coco peat coins are the readymade uses for the germination cups, Nurseries pots and green house. We design this peat coins in without cloth and cloth covered. Cocopeat disc very good for seed germination expands only with water and can be used as seed starter kit.

Coir Coin

We are offering the collection of Coco peat Coin/Disks. Provided collection is carefully made from the superior quality materials. They are mostly used in water retention and soil conditioning. Provided Coco Coin/Disks is widely known for their eco-friendliness & air porous, low electrical conductivity, bio-degradable nature, and excellent conditioner.

Coir Disc

Our Weed Discs/ Coin is developed using optimum quality coir pith and are specifically used to control the weeds from plant container and landscape plants.


coco peat disk / coin is compressed coco peat in disk form. This disk enhances germination and helps with root development.

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Production Process

The composted coir discs need no fertilizer, therefore it is suitable for quicker seed-germination. These composted cocopeat discs have a strong ability to make any plant grow to bear flowers or seeds to germinate. Special sizes of these discs could be manufactured according to customer requirements.

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