Grow bags are soft, breathable versions. The bags often have easy handling. They’re lighter and airier than their clay counterparts, too. Growbags available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


Plant Grow Bags are durable, flexible, and reusable. They are available in plenty of shapes and sizes and are deep enough to grow plants that have a considerable root length. Unlike containers, these grow bags can be squeezed and placed into tight spaces thus utilizing ample of the area in a garden. Secondly, these bags are inexpensive, and when you wish to wrap your garden, you can just fold them and stack them together. Our grow bags are of optimum quality and can be used in greenhouses too. They come with drainage holes and handles that make them mobile and allows excess water to drain out.

Plastic pots trap in heat and do not allow for ventilation. In hot summer days, it becomes essentially problematic and your plants are prone to damage. Grow bags are breathable and allow the heat to escape from all directions, thus saving your precious plants.


Grow bags are lighter than heavy terra cotta pots, so they don’t require as much muscle for their maintenance. The bags’ appearance, however, tends to be strictly utilitarian rather than decorative, which might make them more appropriate for vegetables than for flowers.

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Production Process

Coir pith grow bags are manufactured by blending coir pith with adequate quantity of short coir fibre. This is then compressed and packed loosely in a UV stabilized black and white polythene bag. Grow bags are a perfect media for cut flower production. Our grow bags come with a compressed coir slab that fills the bag when hydrated.

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