Coconut husk is the outer layer of coconut fruit, which contains long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. Coco husk chips are made by cutting dried coconut husks into small cubic shaped pieces. Coconut husk chips can be added to coir peat to increase air permeability and water holding capacity. The husk chips are byproducts derived from coconut husks, so they are completely natural.

Cocopeat Husk Chips

The main purpose of using coco husk is to maintain the moisture content and the release of essential soil nutrients so that the plants have sufficient nutrients for healthy growth. It also has excellent drainage, nutrient holding capacity and fungi resistant.
Coco husk chips have proven to be excellent media for plants and hydroponics such as orchids, soil-less growing medium, mulch and ground cover.
The coco husk chips are also used as a reptile bed.

Husk Chips

Husk chips are best used as a growing medium for germinating seeds. Sprouting seeds require moisture and good nutrition, so that husk chips serve as the best growing medium to meet all the requirements of sprouting seeds. Currently, many orchid and cut-flower growers have successfully used coco husk chips instead of bark, which has significant advantages in quality, consistency and lower production costs.

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Production Process

The husk chips are widely used to assemble the bases of greenhouses, between plant beds to control weeds, to grow orchids, to form mulch, and to develop growing pie compounds and compost potting soil.

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