Grow Bag Manufacturers In Chennai

Saanvi Products is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality grow bags in Chennai. We specialize in the production and supply of grow bags that are ideal for urban gardening, terrace farming, and commercial crop cultivation.Our grow bags are made from premium quality materials, ensuring durability and optimal plant growth. They are designed to provide excellent drainage, aeration, and moisture retention, creating an ideal environment for plant roots to thrive, At Saanvi Products, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are a home gardener or a professional farmer, our grow bags can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a commercial farmer, Saanvi Products is your one-stop destination for high-quality grow bags in Chennai. Contact us today to place an order or inquire about our products.


Are you looking for high-quality grow bags in Chennai? Look no further! Saanvi Products is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of top-notch grow bags.

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Production Process

Coir pith grow bags are manufactured by blending coir pith with adequate quantity of short coir fibre. This is then compressed and packed loosely in a UV stabilized black and white polythene bag. Grow bags are a perfect media for cut flower production. Our grow bags come with a compressed coir slab that fills the bag when hydrated.

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